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  • Jayita Ray

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  • Jayita Ray began singing at the age of four. She initially received guidance from her mother Smt Leela Dutta. Later on, she started learning kheyal and thumri from her guru Biren Gangopadhyay, a disciple of eminent classical singer Tarapada Chakrabarty. After completing her Sangeet Visharad under his guidance, Jayita continued her training under eminent artists, including - Sri Sukumar Mitra, Sri Ramanuj Dasgupta, Vidushi Dalia Rahut, Sri Vikas Kashalkar, Guru Sri Jnan Praksh Ghosh, and Guruma Smt Lalita Ghosh.

    In addition to training in pure classical, she took extensive training in semi-classical - Thumri, Dadra, Kajri, Chaiti, Tappa in Benaras gharana – as well as Bengali Ragpradhan, Bhajan, Ghazal, Najrulgeeti. 

    At a very early age, Jayita released her first EP record from INRECO; the songs received rave reviews in leading Bengali newspapers such as Anandabazar, Jugantar. 

    After being selected by a panel of judges (including the likes of Suprabha Sarkar, Dhirendra Chandra Mitra, Anup Ghosal, and Manabendra Mukhopadhyay) Jayita became  West Bengal Information and Cultural Ministry impaneled artist in 1988. It was an effort to encourage promising young artists to perform alongside established artists. During this period, she also performed in DD Bangla.

    Her performances were aired on regional and national channels such as DD Bangla regional channel (Bengali songs), and DD Bharati National channel (Thumri, Dadra, etc.) and also on a few private channels. She has performed across the United States, Canada, and India. She was selected among many others to participate in the Purab Ang Gayaki Utsav held in Banaras, where she performed Thumri and Dadra.

    Jayita holds two post-graduate degrees of M.Sc and MCRP, from India and the US respectively. She has worked in academic and research institutions as an instructor and a researcher. 

  • Tracks 

    1. Navina Megha Sannivam - Krishna Stotra 

    2. Maan lagyo mero yaar - Traditional 

    3. Jay Narayana Brahma parayana - Traditional

    4. Koi kahio ri Prabhu - Traditional

    5. Sumirana karle mere mana - Traditioanal

    6. Darashana dena pran priyare - Traditional

    7. Mano buddhya ahankar - Nirvana Shatakam stotra

    Accompaniment :
    Durbadal Chattopadhyay  Joy Nandi  Bubai Nandi  Rahul Chatterjee  Gautam Shome  Sanjiban Acharya  
    Accompanying Instrument : Violin & Accordian  Tabla  Flute  Sitar   Key Board  Percussion  


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