Surer Ramdhanu

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  • Mahuya Chowdhury

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  • At the age of seven, Mahua Chowdhury started taking her music lessons in Rabindrasangeet under the tutelage of Late Madhu Das. From her tender age, she has developed love for Rabindrasangeet.  Later on she took lessons from eminent Rabindrasangeet singer revered Subir Sen.  Afterwards, she achieved a Senior Diploma and Sangeet Bisharad from Sarba Bhartiya Sangeet  and Sanskriti Parishad.

    Apart from her mother, Smt Manju Chowdhury and father, Sri Shibnarayan Chowdhury, Mahua was inspired by her Guru Swapan Das. It is but for her Guru that She is able to fulfill her dream.

    “Surer Ramdhanu” album is a compilation of seven selected songs of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

  • Tracks:

    1. Tumi to sei jabei chole

    2. Tumi je surer agun

    3. Gharete bhromor elo gunguniye

    4. Rodonbhara e basanto

    5. Chander hasir bandh bhengechhe

    6. Parobasi chole eso ghare

    7. Kannahasir-dol-dolano


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