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  • Haimanti Shukla

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  • Smt. Haimanti Sukla, an eminent vocal Artist, is the daughter and disciple of Late Harihar Sukla. She got her musical training from an eminent Maestro Late Chinmoy Lahiri also. She had her training in Hindusthani Classical Music since her childhood.

    She performed Khayal, Thumri and Ghazal all over India. She has sung Bengali songs throughout the country and abroad as well. Smt. Sukla has received a number of Awards throughout the country. For the last 45 years she has been performing–Classical Music, Semi-Classical Music, Bengali Songs, Hindi film songs and has received great appreciations everywhere she has been travelling in.

    Now, she is recording a CD Album on Khayal and Thumri for the first time although she had performed khayal and Thumri live in several conferences in her musical career.

  • মায়াভরা চাঁদনী রাতে  - সুরজিৎ ও সুরঞ্জন 

    বনে বনে নামিছে আঁধার  - হরিহর শুক্লা 

    কুহুতানে কোয়েলিয়া  - হরিহর শুক্লা

    কার বাঁশী  কাঁদে  - হরিহর শুক্লা

    যাও  যাও  প্রিয়  দেখোনা  -  সুরজিৎ ও সুরঞ্জন 

    যেওনা যেওনা রাধে  - হরিহর শুক্লা

    জাগো নাথ জাগোহে  -  সুরজিৎ ও সুরঞ্জন 

    কেন এলে ঘুম ভাঙাতে -  সুরজিৎ ও সুরঞ্জন 

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