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  • Pandit Alok Lahiri Abhisek Lahiri Ustad Hashmat Ali Khan Akram Khan

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  • Pt. Alok Lahiri is one of the most eminent Sarod Players of India today. Pt. Lahiri's Sarod playing reflects the subtly, estheticism and nostalgic spirituality of his gharanas while combining it with resonant power and intensity to captivate the listener with the beauty and originality of his Sarod Playing.

    Pt. Lahiri was born in a musical family and initiated into sarod at an early age by his father Late Sri Anil Chandra Lahiri and trained for many years under such masters of Bengal as Late Sri Buddhadev Gangopadhay of Rampur/ Sahajanpur Gharana and Sangeet Acharya Late Pt. Shyam Gangopadhay of Maihar Gharana before becoming a “Ganda- Bandhan” disciple of modern doyen of Sarod, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan.

    Pt. Lahiri won the President's Gold Medal award for musical excellence, standing first in All India Radio music competition in 1975 . Pt. Lahiri has taken part in many Classical Music conferences & festivals all over India and has played across the world ( UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Middle East, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hong Kong… ) engaging himself in the propagation of Hindustani Classical Music.

    Pt. Lahiri possess the dignity of performing in the‘Europe Parliament' in Strasbourg and Cannes World Music Festival , France as first Indian along with his son & disciple Abhisek Lahiri , who has risen to prominence as an ‘A- Grade' Sarod player of India today, distilling the essence of four generations of hereditary musicianship.

    Pt. Lahiri is regular artist of All India Radio, National Television and also has been invited by these forums for composing orchestrations for special occasions . He has also been responsible for the sound tracks of several Indian Films notably International film Director Satyajit Ray's  “ Shatranj ki Khiladi ” (The Chess Player).

    A particular strength of Pt. Lahiri is duets . For this he has been sought out by top- graded musicians like Pt. V.G. Jog (Violin) and Pt. Manilal Nag (Sitar). In fact his Sitar- Sarod duet recording with Pt. Manilal Nag is considered exemplary in its genre.

    Pt. Lahiri is a Regional Selection Committee Member of CCRT, New Delhi, a participated member of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), New Delhi and External Expert (Examiner) of Rabindra Bharati University , Kolkata. He was also formerly attached with Cultural Department, Government of West Bengal, Kolkata for more than 20 years…

    Pt. Lahiri has been honored by the post of Director of Indian Music in FMZ, Stuttgart- Germany. Along with his wife Smt. Kajal Lahiri, Pt. Lahiri now operates a school of Music “ Sur- Sangam ” through which he has become a beloved teacher of Sarod, Sitar and other instruments to scores of students of all ages.

    Abhisek Lahiri has risen to prominence as an Indian Classical Sarod Player of India today. An ‘ A- Grade'Sarod artist of All India Radio and National Television, Abhisek has won the hearts of discerning audiences worldwide with his maturity, depth & perfection.

    Abhisek was initiated in Sarod at an early age of 5 (five) & trained under the tutelage of his father as well as Guru,eminent Sarod artist Pt. Alok Lahiri, becoming one of his premier disciples. Abhisek's sarod recital has a blending of different styles of gharanas likeShahajanpur, Maihar & Seni Beenkar. Abhisek's playing reflects the subtlety, aestheticism & nostalgic spirituality while combining it with resonant power and intensity to captivate the listener with the beauty & originality of his playing.

    Abhisek has been holding center stage in many major classical music festivals in India and touring extensively in USA , Canada, U.K. , Europe , South East Asiagiving concerts, conducting Lecture demonstrations and attending seminars in the Universities and music schools. Abhisek's major international performances includesMusee Guimet (Asian Museum)- Paris, The World Kinder Festival- Holland, World Music Day Festivalin Cannes- France, FIMU Festival - France, India Festival in Strasbourg- France, Indian Night in Stuttgart- Germany, TSS Multicultural Festival in Toronto- Canada, TMG Concerts & Lecture demonstrations in Hamilton- Canada etc.

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    Akram Khan received his initial training in music from Late Ustad Niazu Khan who was famous for his technical style and guidance. He is also fortunate to have learnt from his great grand father Ustad Mohd. Shafi Khan. He continues his riyas and training under the able guidance of his father Ustad Hashmat Ali Khan.

    He has also undergone formal training at the Prayag Snageet Samiti, Allahabad and passed the Sangeet Praveen (Master of Music) from there, apart from Sangeet Visharad at Chandigarh. He has a bachelor's degree in commerce.

    He is also a "Top Grade" artist from All India Radio New Delhi.

  • Raag : Basant Mukhari

    Gat in Vilambit and Drutteental

    Raag : Multani

    Gat in Vilambit and Drutteental

    (Abhisek Lahiri with Akram Khan)

    Raag : Ahiri

    Gat in Sitarkhani

    Raag : Hemant

    Gat in Jhaptaal

    Accompaniment :
    Akram Khan  Hashmat Ali Khan  
    Accompanying Instrument : Tabla  Tabla  


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