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  • Dr. Dattatreyo Chattopadhyay

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  • Born in a musical family of Kolkata, Dr. Dattatreyo’s inclination towards classical music was noted by his parents at a very tender age. He was lucky enough to have been taken to the greatest maestros like Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Pt. Nikhil Banerjee and seek their blessings during his childhood days. Dr. Dattatreyo’s vocal training began at the age of 5 under Sri Sudhir Bandopadhyay of the Bishnupur gharana from whom he learnt certain “Dhrupad” compositions as well. During his school days, he received musical training from one of the stalwarts of the Indore gharana- Pt. Srikant Bakre and later on, from the two legends of the Patiala gharana- Smt. Meera Bandopadhyay and Pt. Prasun Bandopadhyay. Besides classical music, he has also learnt songs of Atulprosad Sen, D.L. Roy and Rajanikanta Sen from the all-time great exponent of this genre of music- Smt. Krishna Chattopadhyay.

    Finally in 2003, Dr. Dattatreyo had the great fortune of being accepted as a disciple by the legendary artiste and highly revered Guru of the Kotali gharana- Pt. Manas Chakraborty from whom he received extensive “taalim” for nearly 10 years. Dr. Dattatreyo had eventually become a “Ganda-bandh shaagird” of the maestro. (“Ganda” is a special wrist-knot given by the Guru to some of his disciples) After the sad demise of his Guru, Dr. Dattatreyo came under the tutelage of one of Guruji’s most well accomplished and senior-most disciples- Sri Subhasish Mukhopadhyay. He continues to take music lessons on a regular basis from his present mentor. Having a special interest in the Agra gharana, Dr. Dattatreyo has also received a few of the compositions sung in this gharana from Sri Biswaroop Pal, a senior vocalist of the Agra gharana.

    Even after obtaining an MBBS degree and a post-graduate diploma in dermatology, Dr. Dattatreyo’s intense love for music compelled him to set aside the idea of full-time clinical practice and devote himself to the academic side of medical science instead. After obtaining an MD degree in Pharmacology, Dr. Dattatreyo is currently appointed as a lecturer of Pharmacology in a reputed institute of medical sciences.

    Dr. Dattatreyo is determined to explore his musical journey and establish himself as a torchbearer of the Kotali gharana with the kind blessings of his most respected and beloved Guruji, Late Pt. Manas Chakraborty.


    Raga- Multani (30:24)

    • “Kabana des gaye piya mora…” (Vilambit Ektaal)
    • “Runaka jhunaka mori payal baaje…” (Madhyalaya & Drut Teentaal)


    Raga- Hameer (19:40)

    • “Mora re albela…” (Vilambit Ektaal)
    • “Mendere yaar aavi…” (Madhyalaya and Drut Ektaal)


    Raga- Bahar (09:01)

    • “Phoolwale kaunta…” (Madhyalaya Teentaal)
    • “Kaise nikasi chaandni…” (Drut Teentaal)



    Accompaniment :
    Anirban Chakrabarty  Sumit Singha Roy    
    Accompanying Instrument : Harmonium  Tabla    


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