Heritage Series 3 - Agra and Sahaswan Gharana

Classical Vocal | Vocal Recital
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  • Pandit Kumar Prasad Mukhopadhyay

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  • His voice to a western listener, would be a baritone, but its tonal depth and richness are in full bloom in the middle & specially lower octaves. The aalap or prelude which is possibly the most important part of our music has almost totally migrated from vocal to instrumental music. Kumarprasad is one of the few Khayal singers who presents a full scale aalap in all its expansive grandeur and illuminating details. His presentation reminds listeners that a raga is not merely a permutation & combination of particular notes. There are definite phrases, sequences and in fact a difinite logic which governs the application of notes that can tug at the heart strings of a raga to make it come alive.

    As a musicologist and a musician Kumar Prasad Mukherjee has few equals in the country. 

  • Raag - Chhayanat - Vilambit & Drut
    Raag - Bihag - Madhya Vilambit
    Raag - Shudh Kalyan - Madhya Vilambit & Drut

    Dadra - Bhairavi - Are koi jao saiyan ko manao

    Accompaniment :
    Appa Jalgaonkar  Narayan Indorekar  
    Accompanying Instrument : Harmonium  Tabla  


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