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  • Pandit Ajay Sinha Roy

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  • Ajay Sinha Roy was one of those “Sangeetacharyas” to whom the music world could not recognise and evaluate properly because he maintained a low-profile, humble existence, and never tried to market his music through fierce competition and blatant self- publicity, which are the order of the day.

    Trained by Baba Alauddin Khan in the same batch as Pt. Ravishankar and Ustad Ali Akbar, he was a repository of Maihar Gharana’s talim. Pt. Ravishankar chose him as his immediate assistant when composing the music of “Pather Panchali”, and he carried out his assignment with great skill and excellence.

    There are two kinds of great musicians. Some devote their entire life in serving themselves, advancing their careers, programmes, name and fame and earning. They really hog the stage and limelight. A few others, like Ajay Sinha Roy, devote their entire life to groom up musicians of the future. Their service to music is actually much greater,and the music world ought to be indebted to them much more.

    Ajay Sinha Roy built the foundations of some of the foremost middle-aged instrumentalists of Bengal, namely Kushal Das, Tejendra Narayan Majumder, Sugato Nag, Debaprasad Chakraborty and a number of younger ones well on their way to the top.


  • Track:

    Devgiri Bilawal

    Accompaniment :
    Basab Sen  
    Accompanying Instrument : Sitar   


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