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  • Pandit A Kanan

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  • Pandit A Kanan: Born in Madras on June 18, 1929, Pandit A Kanan is renowned for his individual gayaki. Gifted with a very melodious voice, vocal music was a beloved hobby, right from his youth. But it was his passion for cricket, at which he excelled, that eventually paved the way for his future career.

    His initial career was with the Railways, which he joined at the age of 18. While visiting Mumbai, to play a cricket match, Kanan happened to visit All India Radio and decided to get his voice tested. The AIR personnel were completely taken aback when they heard the youngster's exquisite voice and immediately offered him a program. The first step into the world of music had been firmly planted!

    Greatly inspired, the young Kanan returned to Hyderabad to start his tryst with Hindustani classical music. His first tutor was Shri Lahanu Babu Rao. His job with the railways later brought him to Kolkata, where he resumed his training under a new guru, the late Shri Girija Shankar Chakraborty. It was during these two years of training that Kanan made his mark. He won many prizes and with it, enormous acclaim. As a result, when the time came for him to leave Kolkata, he was persuaded by his many admirers to leave his job and stay on!

    And so, as destiny would have it, Pt. Kanan settled down in Kolkata to concentrate solely on his music. His formal debut at the All Bengal Music Conference in 1943 was a resounding success and he never looked back after that. He later came in contact with the legendary Ustad Amir khan and interacted with him extensively. The singing style he carved out however was singularly his own, suiting his own personality and spirit. His rendition of Hansadhwani, Rageshri, Jog etc made him an extremely popular Khayal singer not only in Kolkata but throughout the country.

    A top grade artiste of AIR, Kanan has performed in all the important music conference in the country including National Programmes and Radio Sangeet Sammelans. He has also given his voice to many films, the music of which became legandary - Meghe Dhaka Tara, Basant Bahar,Jadu Bhatta and Megh Malhar to name but a few.

    He has enriched the music world not only through his music but also through the enormous service he has rendered towards the cause of Hindustani Classical Music. Pandit Kanan, till date, has probably trained more students than any other guru. His generosity and his helpfulness - towards his numerous students and his fellow artists - often at the cost of his own well being - is legendary. In the 50s, he, along with other musicians, founded the Calcutta Music Circle. He later went on to become one of the first gurus to join ITC-Sangeet Research Academy and played a major role in its setting up. He was also a member of its Experts Committee.

    Pt. Kanan received the prestigious ITC Award for 1993 - 1994 and the Sangeet Natak Academy award in the year 1995. He is married to renowned vocalist Smt Malabika Kanan.

  • Raag Shudhkalyan 
    Vilambit ektaal - Tuma Bina Kaun
    Drut Teentaal - Bajo Re Bajo.

    Raag Jog 
    Vilambit ektaal - Piharawa Ko Birama
    Drut Teentaal - Sajana Morey Ghara. 

    Thumri - Chabi Dikhlaja - Jat Taal

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