Vande Mataram songe Matir Gaan

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  • Sabyasachi Chanda

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  • “Sharat” or autumn has come again. Sharat means clear golden sky. We have the glimpses of blooming white soothing “sheuli” and “kash” flowers- typical flowers that grow in Bengal during the autumn. The “Agomoni” tunes that floats with the wind sooth our ears. The other name of Sharat in Bengal is Sharodotsav- the biggest festival of the West Bengal- the Durga Puja that is celebrated at this time of year.

    After swinging in the ups and downs; happy and sad moments of our daily lives we all get involved during the festive days. We again start learning and accepting from the very beginning not only for ourselves but also for the whole world.

    Seedlings of happiness start springing out in our minds and crossing the thresholds out of the known shelters we get a new address of hope from the great motherly power. The windows of our mind get opened and our lives get refreshed and rejuvenated once again to continue with our daily routine in the future days.

    In his new album- Canvas-e Sharodotsav, Sabyasachi Chanda has tried to arrange the different feelings of Sharodotsav from the heart just as a painter paints on a canvas with colours from a palate. So the name of the Album appropriately given as ….Canvas-e Sharodotsav.

  • Bande Mataram
    Ei Matir Kache Esho
    Ei Matir e Ekti Kone
    E Matir Ghran
    Amar Ei Chala
    Mon Khule Tui Moner Katha Bol
    Shikar Gantha Matir Choyae
    Megh Bristi Mati Jure
    Sokal Jeno Matir Choyae
    E Mati Amar Mati

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