Amar Naam Ti Likho

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  • Shantanu Dutta

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  • Born in a Music loving family of Dakhshineswar, Shantanu was attracted to Rabindrasangeet from his early childhood and received the first award for his performance at the age of seven. An engineer by profession, Shantanu has always pursued passionately the training in Rabindrasangeet for last twenty five years. One of the favourite students of late maestro Sri Subinoy Roy, Shantanu received the scholarship from Paschim Banga Rajya Sangeet Academy. He has been continuing his training under the guidance of another maestro Sri Argha Sen. Shantanu really belongs to the rare genre of vocalists for whom Rabindrasangeet is the other name of life. This is his first dedication of worship.

  • Ami tomaro sangey

    Tumi sandhar meghomala

    Bhalobeshe sokhi

    Ami rupey tomaye

    Hridoye mondrilo

    Pub hawate daaye

    Amar priyar chchaya

    Kotha je udhao

    Accompaniment :
    Gautam Shome  Bijoy Prasad Sengupta  Indranil Mallick  Subir  Ranajit Sengupta  Ranajit Sengupta  
    Accompanying Instrument : Key Board  Guitar  Tabla  Flute  Sarod  Mandolin  


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Released : November-2005
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