Madhu Gandhe Bhora

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  • Panchali Dhar

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  • Panchali Dhar trained in Rabindrasangeet at Santiniketan under the direct guidance of late Kanika Bandopadhyay, late Santidev Ghosh, late Ustad V.V.Wagelwar and others. She has also trained in classical music and obtained Visharad degree from Lucknow with distinction. This has further enriched her sense of tal and laya, thereby enriching her rendition of Rabindrasangeet. All the more her CD, VCD have been released from several companies. Smt. Dhar has participated in many live programmes of AIR, National. Her extremely melodious voice, her unerring sense of tune, her deep understanding of the meanings of Rabindranath’s lyrics and her individual style of presentation, all these have endeared her to the audience everywhere.

  • Ami ki gaan gabo je
    Badal dinero prathama kadam phul
    Chokhkhey amar trishna
    Hridaye Mandrilo
    Madhu gandhey bhora
    Mor bhabonare ki haoae
    Neel Anjana ghana
    Oi je jharer megher
    Sawana gagane
    Utal Dhara


    Accompaniment :
    Durbadal Chattopadhyay  
    Accompanying Instrument : Music Arrangement  


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