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  • Begum Shipra Khan

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  • One of the finest Dhrupad Singer India has contributed to the world of classical music is Durga Sankar Acherjee. Shree Acherjee received his talims (music instructions) from late Pandit Shib Shankar Mukherjee, late Pandit Nemai Chand Baral (Ex-Dean, Rabindra Bharati University) and finally from the great Dhrupad maestro of Dagar Vani tradition Prof. Dr. Ritwik Sanyal of Banaras (Head of the Dept. of music, Banaras Hindu University). He has the speciality in advance techniques of Alaap, Jod, Jhala, intricate laykari, voice culture etc. and has an outstanding ability to show the absolute tonal precision even in the “Sa” of Anumandra (beyond Mandra-Saptak). His music evokes sublimity and tranquility, exuding “Santa” (Calm) Rasa (feeling) throughout his performance. His musical emotion touches the souls of the listners.

    Shri Acherjee is the recipient of Jr. Research Fellowship and Sr. Research Fellowship award from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. He has been honoured ‘Surmani’ title by the Sur Sringar Samsad of Mumbai. Shri Acherjee has performed widely at the top notch Indian concerts. He is also a propagator of this ancient art music of the world. UNESCO under it’s Intangible Heritage Section appreciated his mission.

  • Raag – Madhubanti Kheyal 
    Taal – Vilambit Ektaal / Teentaal Drut
    Lyrics – Tuma bina kaun dukha– Vilambit 
    Teen Taal – Vatakata Firata Rahi Mai Darasako
    Drut Kheyal 

    Thumri – Raag – Khamaj 
    Taal - Jat 
    Lyrics – Kaisi Baja Gaye Sham Basuria 
    Dadra – Raag – Manjh Khamaj 
    Lyrics – Aba mano Jayo Saiya 

    Bhajan - Prabhu mere ab gunah chite na dharo

    Accompaniment :
    Swarup Hossain  Santanu Salauddin  
    Accompanying Instrument : Tabla  Harmonium  


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