The Amir Khan Dream

Classical Vocal | Vocal Recital
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  • Amit Mukherjee

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  • Amit Mukerjee represents the famous tradition of the "Kirana Gharana" and the late Ustaad Amir Khan's individualistic school of Hindustani Classical Music. He was trained under Shri Shankar Mazumdar, a senior disciple of the Late Ustaad. He was fortunate to have listened to many sessions of 'nyaz' and explanation of the finer points by Amir Khan Saheb. Amit has grasped the essence of Amir Khan's distinctive 'gayaki' which is immediately noticeable in his presentions. He has developed a style of singing which is abstroct in expression and intellectually invigorating. He is a talented singer, gifted with a tuneful and sonorous voice. It is the grandeur of his voice coupled with its emotional depth that makes his music immediately attractive. Step by step unfolding of the strucure of a 'raga' using the 'Merukhand' trodition, innovative phrases (upaj) a combination of 'sargams' and 'taans' with an innate virtuosity, are his forte. With his intellectual and personal approach to music he has mastered the technique and nuances of the late Ustaad's Gayaki.

    He entered rather late in the field of public singing due to his preoccupation as a geologist. He is an "A" grade broadcaster of All India Radio and Doordarshan (Indian Television) and has participated in many important classical music conferences in the country and abroad. He has perfomed extensively in Europe and the United States of America. In Europe, he has given concerts and lec-dems in Stuttgart, Tubingen University, Basel Academy of Music, Duetsche Welle, Strasbourg, etc. In America he led the ITC Sangeet Research Academy team of musicians in the fall of 2002 and also performed at several centres. He gave a lec-dem at the Ethnomusic Department of the University of Illinois. He has been featured in the National Programme of both All India Radio and Indian Television. In Kolkata he has performed under the banner of various prestigious music organisations. He is also taking part in the ITC Sangeet Sammelans in the interiors of India.

    Shri Mukerjee has received rave reviews from all quarters of the national and international media. In 1993 the International Centre featured him as a representative of the 'Indore Gharana'. The spontaneous response of his programme by the well-known music critic Shri Prakash Wadhera in 'The Hindu' was captioned as "Long Live the Amir Khan Dream". It further went on to say "Amit Mukerjee reminds music lovers of the golden era".

    Shri Mukerjee was the Former Executive Director of the ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata.

  • Raag - Shudh Kalyan -
    Vilambit Jhoomra (14 beat)
    Drut Tarana - Teen Taal

    Raag - Bairagi
    Madhya laya - Teen Taal
    Mun Sumarata Nisadin Tumharo Naam

    Raag - Kafi Kanada
    - Jaba Mun Lagaa - 
    Jhoomra - Vilambit

    Bandish - 
    Kafi - 
    Kaise Bijoori Chamake - Teen Taal

    Shahana -
    Sundara Angana Baithi Nikas Ke   
    Teen Taal

    Accompaniment :
    Jyoti Guha  Abhijit Banerjee  Gourab Chatterjee  Hemraj  
    Accompanying Instrument : Harmonium  Tabla  Tanpura  Tanpura  


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