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  • Shyama Prasad Niyogi

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  • Shayamaprasad Niyogi’s taalim in Hindustani classical music began at the age of five under his father and guru, Pt Prafulla Kumar Niyogi. While it was his father who instructed him in music, it was Shyamaprasad’s mother, Gayatri Devi, who inspired him to remain true to the exacting and rigorous path of pure classical music.

    Later Shyamaprasad came under the tutelage of Pt. Nihar Ranjan Bandopadhyay,doyen of Bishnupur Gharana. While pursuing his Master’s degree in Music in Rabindra Bharati University, he also had the opportunity to learn from leading vocalists of Kolkata. Around this time he had the good fortune to learn also from Pt Amiya Ranjan Bandopadhyay, a great musician of Bishnupur gharana.

    Today, after performing at several leading sangeet sammelans across the country, Shyamaprasad can claim to be a successful and determined vocalist, dedicated to the Bishnupur Gharana and a true representative of it. His forte lies in his insistence on strictly maintaining the ragaroopa handed down by tradition and taalim, embellished with creative sargams, intelligent layakaari and clear articulation of bolvaani .This album is dedicated to his parents and to the glorious traditions of his gharana.

  • Raag - Bairagi (Bairagi Bhairav) -28 min
    Khayal gayan
    Vilambit Khayal is set to Ektaal
    Bol - Rain Ganwaye Aaye Ho
    Mere Pyare
    Drut Bandish is set to Teental
    Bol - Sur Sursa Sadhle Rasika Gao

    Raag - Nayaki Kanada (khayal gayan) - 28 min
    Vilambit Khayal is set to Ektaal
    Bol - Banra Mora Pyara
    Drut Bandish is set to Teental
    Bol - Sajan Bin Bhayee Niras Hun

    Raag - Patdeep - (khayal gayan) - 18 min
    Vilambit Khayal is set to Jhoomra Taal
    Bol - Prabhu Meri Nao Utar Paar
    Drut Bandish is set to Teental
    Bol - Baje Mori Payaliya Jhanananana



    Accompaniment :
    Sachidananda Majumdar ( Tabla )   Sanatan Goswami ( Harmonium )   Saptak ( Tanpura )   Sohini ( Tanpura )   


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