Classical Vocal | Dhrupad Recital
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  • Sujit Kumar Bose

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  • Dr Sujit Bose, an eminent Civil Engineer by profession has also rendered his excellence in Hindusthani Classical music for long years. He is receiving talim since childhood under the Octogenerian, ‘Rasaraj’ Nidan Bandhu Banerjee, one of the very few living legendary vocalist of Rampur and Gwalior Gharana. Rasaraj’s rarest compositions of Dhrupad, Dhamar will remain immortal in the history of North Indian Classical music.The artist presents some of the compositions of Dhrupad and Dhamar, sung in the distinctive style of ‘Maihar Seni’ Gharana. The laykari or baat include chandas of lasya, gajamati, bhunja prayat, sardul-bikrita etc. preceeded with rag alaap which renders a divine feeling and demonstrates the purest form of Indian Music.

  • Gunkeli : Damaru Hara Kara Baje (16:11)

    Chandrakauns : Tum Ho Anathapati (12:31) 
    Rasaraj (suddha gandhar)

    Kedara : Tuhi Chandrachura (24:59) 

    Behag : Kaise Nachata (14:52)

    Accompaniment :
    Apurba Laal Manna  Sanatan Goswami  
    Accompanying Instrument : Pakhawaj  Harmonium  


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