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  • Pandit Bhawani Sankar Pandit Abhijit Banerjee

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    Pandit Bhawani Shankar is the most well known Pakhawaj player in the world today. He is also an accomplished tabla player.

    The name ‘pakhawaj’ originates from the two words, paksha meaning side and baaj meaning to play. Together, pakshvadya became Pakhawaj, meaning an instrument, which is played from both sides.

    Bhawani Shankar should be given the credit for exposing Pakhawaj to the world stage outside of the traditional Dhrupad performamces.

    Considered among the front ranking tabla players from India, Abhijit Banerjee is one of the most sought after creative artists in the realm of Indian classical music. Abhijit has crafted a unique style and creative approach which has brought him accolades and awards from allover the world. Apart from his contributions to Indian music he has left his mark both as a performer and composer. Being one of the pioneering disciples of late Pt. Jnan Prakash Ghosh, Abhijit has accompanied nearly all the top ranking luminaries of Indian classical music including Pt.Ravi Shankar, late Pt.Nikhil Banerjee, Begum Parweena Sultana, Pt.Jasraj, Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, Dr. Balamurali Krishnan to name a few. Abhijit has been touring extensively in USA, Canada, U.K., Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa, South East Asia and Mexico giving concerts, conducting workshops and attending seminars in the Universities and music schools. Abhijit also has had the honor of representing India in the Granada Festival of Music in Spain. His crossover work includes collaborations with musicians such as Ry Cooder, Larry Corryell and Trilok Gurtu. Abhijit has scored music for Indian television & won the National Award for Documentary Music for the film about Calcutta ‘The Trail’, which was screened in the Munich and Amsterdam film festivals. Abhijit has founded & established Dhwani Academy of Percussion in Los Angeles, New york, Singapore and Kolkata attracting talented students from around the world. The Academy has initiated needy blind children in the art of music. Abhijit’s own fusion group TARANG has established a name in the genre of World Music and has participated in Chicago and Los Angeles world Music Festival.

  • Taal-Teentaal

    Accompaniment :
    Rajendra Banerjee  
    Accompanying Instrument : Harmonium  


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