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  • Gourhari Kabiraj

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  • Gour Hari Kabiraj (1913-1992) a musician of the Bishnupur Gharana, the only music gharana of eastern India was born in Bishnupur. He started learning vocal Classical music, mainly dhrupad and Kheyal at a tender age from Bholanath Nandi of Bishnupur. However, he later opted for and shifted to Esraj and learned as a disciple and under the tutelage of Ramprasanna Bandopadhyay, the legendary musician of the Bishnupur Gharana. After the demise of his guru he took occasional lessons from Gopeshwar Bandopadhyay and Surendranath Bandopadhyay the two maestros of the Bishnupur Gharana.

    Gour Hari Kabiraj performed regularly in the Akashbani as a soloist and also an accompanist in Esraj for more than two decades from 1939. He also p-erformed in kolkata Doordarshan for a considerable period. Self-oblivious and humble, Gour Hari never went after fame, neither he was lucky to recvieve any supports or favour from anywhere. But his performances earned accolade of many music lovers and expert musicians. His performance in the Park Circus Music Conference, Kolkata where he got his co-disciple Gokul Nag, the famous sitar player and Sailaja Ranjan Majumder, the great Rabindra Sangeet artist as his colleagues and admires. Gour Hari Kabiraj used his dexterity with the strings of Esraj and converted the elegance of his music into the glorius melody of Sehnai in the present album of Taar Sehnai. The contents of this album were open stage performence recorded in 1980s with an old traditional mono tape recorder. But his essence of the style and depth of the music is still distinct.

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    Raag - Bihaag,

    Raag - Shibaranjani,

    Raag - Bhairavi



    Raag - Darbari

    Raag - Malkauns

    Raag - Pilu


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