Bikoshito Shatodal

Modern & Traditional | Dwijendrageeti
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  • Susmita Banerjee

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  • The late 19th and early 20th century, Bengali music has been a story of Rabindranath Tagore’s prowess.But overshadowed by him are a number of his contemporaries who have been equally adept in bringing out their own styles of music. These music, with their gripping lyrics and melodious tunes are a real testament to the pinnacle of glory that Indian music had once reached.

    In a bid to bring back to life those glorious pieces of music, Susmita Banerjee has left no stones unturned.In her soothing, mellifluous voice she has entranced us all with these soul-stirring music.

    Dilip Kumar Roy (Grandson of Rajani Kanto Sen) acted as Susmita’s friend, philosopher and guide as he tought her the nuances of such music.

  • 1. Dijendralal Roy
    Aji bimalo nidagha prabhate

    2. Atul Prasad Sen
    Khomiyo he shibo

    3. Dijendralal Roy
    Aandharo joyar ashe oi

    4. Dilip Kumar Roy
    Amar krishno rate bhanglo

    5. Atul Prasad Sen
    Tumi kabe ashibe mor anginay?

    6. Atul Prasad Sen
    Esho go eka ghare ekaro sathi

    7. Rajanikanto Sen
    Madhuro se mukhakhani kakhano

    8. Rajanikanto Sen
    Dhire Dhire more tene laho

    9. Dijendralal Roy
    Tomare bhalobeshechi ami

    10. Rajanikanto Sen
    Ami swapone tahare kurraye

    11. Dilip Kumar Roy
    Banshi baje oi jamunar kule

    12. Dilip Kumar Roy
    Shei brindaboner lila abhiram sabi

    Accompaniment :
    Bablu Bhattacharya  Subrata Mukherjee  Subho  Panchanan Baral  
    Accompanying Instrument : Tabla  Key Board  Sitar   Percussion  


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