Tabu Mone Rekho

Recitation & Audio Play | Bengali Poetry Recitation
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  • Purnendu Bhattacherjee

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  • Born and brought up in Delhi, "Probashi" he may be but the Bengalee in him is indomitable. Purnendu's favourite poet like that of many is Rabindranath Tagore. But he doesn't restrict his recitation to that of Tagore's poem only instead he is engaged and comfortable in many modern and recent poets as well as  Rabindranath Tagore, Buddhadeb Bose, Premendra Mitra, Joytirindra Mitra, and Subhash Mukhopadhyaya are few of his other favourite poets.

    Purnendu expresses himself as much through his voice as with his pen.He is a poet himself and as an actor he has performed in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangladesh. He has also directed a few sucessful ones himself. He has been a newsbroadcaster in T.V. Channels in the nineties till his unpredictable schedule clashed with his other corporate committments. A truly talented and multifaceted young man Purnendu keeps the Bengalis alive in the heart of Delhi. Purnendu acknowledges the help of Ranajit Samaddar in selection and rendering the poems in this album.

  • Poschime Bagaan Bon 
    Aamra Dujon Ekti Ganye
    Jouboner Pranto Seemae
    Krishnakoli Aami Taarei Boli
    Aamar Chutti Char Dikey
    Pilsujer Upor Pitoler
    Aami Chanchala Hey
    Gogone Goroje Megh

    Aachhe Aache Sthan
    Roji Daaki Tomar 
    Sondhyarage Jhilimili
    Ei Ghore Aage Pachhe 
    Pathe Jatadin Chinnu
    Sagarjale Sinan Kori
    Jokhon Robo Na Aami
    Tobu Mone Rekho


    Accompaniment :
    Biswajit ( Music Arrangement )   


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