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  • Nilratan Kanjilal

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  • Nilratan Kanjilal was born on 1st March, 1944. Since Childhood he has special affinity towards music. At a time he became very much attracted to folk music and became a disciple of famous Bengali folk singer Late Nirmalendu Choudhury. In the year 1981, he was approved as an artist of folk song by Akashbani, Kolkata (All India Radio) and subsequently became folk artist of Doordarshan Kendra, Kolkata.At present he is a regular artist of All India Radio, Siliguri and Doordarshan Kendra Jalpaiguri. His speciality is that he can write, compose and sing. He is an approved lyricist of All India Radio, Siliguri.

    Sri Kanjilal also visited U.K in 2007 on invitation to participate in many public functions at Birmingham, Manchester, London, Liverpool etc and also in T.V. channel of London to perform Bengali folk songs which had been highly appreciated by the local listeners and viewers.

  • Gurupadey prembhakti holona mon
    Apan Khabar Apnar hoyna
    Konrangey Bandhacho
    Karbhabey node eshey
    Matir Pinjirar Majhe
    Bariri pashey Aarshinagar
    Na lailam Allajir naam
    Ore Abujh Bhujli na re
    Diley mukhey lou Allar naam
    Ekdin to hoiberey moron

    Accompaniment :
    Ashoke Bandopadhyay  
    Accompanying Instrument : Music Arrangement  


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