Sailaja Ranjan Majumdar

Rabindra Sangeet | Vocal Recital
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  • Sailaja Ranjan Majumdar

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    Sailaja Ranjan Majumdar(1901-1976)
    Sailajaranjan Majumdar was a distinguished exponent and teacher of the songs of Rabindranath. Although he had an aptitude for both vocal and instrumental music from his childhood, he followed his father's wishes and took in 1924 a master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta and then acquired a degree in law. In 1932, he accepted an offer from Visva-Bharati to be a lecturer in Chemistry. It was during this time that he found an opportunity of learning Rabindranath' s songs from the Poet himself as well as from Dinendranath Tagore.
    Rabindranath was highly impressed with his talent in music, and when Sangit Bhavana was established in 1939, he asked Sailajaranjan to abandon science and take charge of it as the first Principal. However, he did not fail to temper his artistic zeal with a scientist's detachment. He was a great teacher of the system of Rabindranath' s songs in its very appropriate style and prepared notations for a vast number of songs, which were published in Swarabitan.
    He very ably directed Tagore's plays and dance-dramas, and travelled through India, Burma and Ceylon with his well-trained troupe. So great was his vitality and enthusiasm that even at eighty he graciously accepted a visiting Professorship of this institution, and conducted music lessons and lecture-demonstrations for the benefit of music teachers and students.

    Disc - 1
    1. Hridoy Amar Prakash Holo
    2. Mone ki dwidha rekhe gele choley
    3. Godhuli gaganey meghe
    4. Aji tomay abar chai sunabare
    5. Aji jhar jhar mukharo badoro diney
    6. Aji jhar jhar mukharo badoro ... 
    7. Speech of Sailaja Ranjan Majumdar
    8. Tumi kon Bhagoner pathey ele
    9. Dhusaro jibaner godhuli te
    10. Speech of Sailaja Ranjan Majumdar
    11. Amar jete sorey ne mon
    12. Jani tumi phirey asibey abar
    13. Aha tomar sangey praner khela
    14. Megher porey megh jomeche
    15. Aji jhorer ratey tomar abhisar
    Disc - 2
    16. Subhra probhate
    17. Badal diner prothomo kadam phool
    18. Morilo mori, amay bansi te dekeche
    19. Bajore bansuri bajo
    20. Momo dukhero sadhan
    21. Aji je rajani jai
    22. Aji dokhino pabane
    23. Keho karo mon bujhe na
    24. Sunnyo pran kande sada
    25. Amar mon kemon kore
    26. E-parabasey robe ke hai
    27. Dinanto belay
    28. Prem esechilo nisabdo chraney

    Accompaniment :
    Ruby Mukherjee   Anita Roy  Sudir Chanda   
    Accompanying Instrument : Tanpura  Tanpura  Esraj  


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