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  • Arindam Chowdhury

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  • Arindam Choudhury, an MBA and a young talented artist representing the present day generation has registered his presence playing Tagore songs, Bengali and Hindi film songs and Indian classical composition on keyboard. He started learning keyboard in 2001 under the guidance of his guru Prabir Banerjee. Since 2005, Arindam has been holding solo instrumental performances all over India and has received immense praise from connoisseurs as well as from common listeners. He has natural intuition for music and was awarded the title “KRIYA VISHARAD” by ‘Saurabh Academy of Music and Dance’, Kolkata. His incredible courage of conviction, his willingness and ability to completely immerse himself in music has led to this creative exercise with tonal brilliance and rich repertoire for international and artistic communities.

    In this album, he has played a few popular Tagore songs of nature and also of different moods of human mind. Blended with beauty of melody and emotional thoughts of the noble laureate, these songs will obviously enchant the music lovers.

  • Amaro parano jaha chaye 
    Ami chini go chini tomare 
    Pran chaye chokhkhu na chaye 
    Ektuku chchoa lage 
    Sedin dujane dule chinu bone 
    Megher kole rodh heseche
    Klanti amar khama karo prabhu 
    Ae monihar amay nahi saje 
    Baro asha kore esechi go
    Akash bhora surja tara

    Accompaniment :
    Prabir Banerjee  Gautam Choudhury  Sanjoy Das (Duli)  
    Accompanying Instrument : Music Director  Music Arrangement  Rhythm & Percussion  


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