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  • Amrik Singh Arora Utpalendu Chowdhury Manasi Mukhrjee Chandrabali Rudra Dutta Anu Bharati Manjishtha Mukherjee

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  • Born in the year 2000 - GEETIKA - as the name suggests, is a musical institution. Vocal training and other specialized trainings are imparted to young aspiring singers to groom them into complete artists under the able guidance of Chandrabali Rudra Dutta. Though infant in age, Geetika has to its credit a number of highly applauded performances and has already made a name for itself as a choir group. ‘Geetika’ as a group, a well as, individual members, perform regularly on different television channels.

    Raater Andhare Jamini (a compilation of Rabindra Sangeet) produced by Bihaan Music is the first CD presented by Geetika where ten solo songs were rendered by four young artists under Chandrabali’s direction.

    In ‘E Desh Aamar’ the chorus songs are presented by the members of Geetika. This project is unique in the sense that patriotic songs and poems are presented together and some of the items have been recorded for the first time.

    Chandrabali Rudra Dutta along with GEETIKA, her choral group have performed a number of Tagore songs in this album. All the songs carry the flavour of Rabindra Sangeet in its own way.

  • The title song of this album
    'Khuji tomaye tomarey' is a melodious creation of Anubharati.

    Ami tomaro lagi - 
    by Amrik Singh Arora 

    Ke shonailo re 
    by Manasi Mukhrjee

    Aha mori mori
    by Monjhishtha Mukherjee 

    O majhdoriyay bhashaila
    by Utpalendu Chowdhury 

    Aaj chokher joley
    by Monjhishtha Mukherjee

    Moner mondirey hridoy gobhirey
    by Amrik Singh Arora 

    Amar kanna jokhon
    by Chanrabali Rudra Dutta 

    Megh boroni konna tumi
    by Utpalendu Chowdhury 

    Piu piu kedey maurey
    by Manasi Mukherjee 

    Khuji tomaye tomarey 
    by Monjhishtha Mukherjee

    Accompaniment :
    Sameer Khasnobis  Anu Bharati  
    Accompanying Instrument : Music Arrangement  Lyricist  


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