Phiriye Ne

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  • Mitul Dutta

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  • During her schooling of music Mitul was under the training of number of renowned and notable Gurus(Music Teachers) . Among them first to name is ‘Mr. Suprakash Chaki’, with whom she started her schooling at the age of twelve . Later on she came under the training of ‘Mrs. Madhuchhanda Das’, ‘Mr. Kumud Ranjan Banerjee’. Mitul was under the training of ‘Pandit Kumar Roy’ for 8 years. She had also got lessons on Modern Bengali songs from Mr. Anal Chatterjee and Folk Songs from Amar Pal. Mitul composes and sings her own songs. She has also worked as a Music Director and Singer for various Telefilms in ‘ZEE-TV’, ‘KOLKATA TV’ & ‘TARA-MUSIC’. She has performed in ALL INDIA RADIO, Kolkata and various musical shows. In 2006 Mitul had achieved the "SANSKRITI AWARD" for Literature and in 2004“TRAVEL GRANT” from Sahitya Academy. Very recently her first musical album “PHIRIYE NE” released from Bihaan Music, Kolkata. She has been nominated for AKASH-BANGLA"TARAKA SAMMAN" and “SONAR MEYE”.

  • Banshiti bajaley jei kodomdaley
    Shanti neme aye chita o koborer
    Jittey tomakey hobei je
    Bondhura tariye diyeche
    Aakta bhari apottikor pakhi 
    Aato megh, aato roop
    Buker nirjono ei prantorey
    Mon bolechey ki bolechey

    Accompaniment :
    Joy Nandy ( Tabla )   Debasish Shome ( Key Board )   Madhu Mukherjee ( Music Arrangement )   


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