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Bihaan Music has made an outstanding contribution to both Classical and Modern Music by publishing CDs and DVDs of talented performers (Vocalists and Instrumentalists) of the past and present music circle for the esteemed listeners throughout the globe.

→ Bihaan Music provides Studio, Music Arrangers and Musicians for Song Recordings.

→ Printing, Marketing and Distributions of published Albums.

→ Design and printing of 500 copies of finished albums.

→ Distribution and Marketing to Prime retail outlets of Kolkata and throughout India.

→ Complimentary CDs are given to the Artist.

→ Digitally the distribution of published tracks are done from our website and and other online International portals like You-Tube, and

→ Retailing is done in musical shops.

→ Display and sale of Physical Albums from stalls in major Musical Festivals throughout India.

→ Printed Flex posters of all Albums are displayed in the stalls.

→ Clippings of tracks from the Albums are played on quality Sound Systems in the stalls.

→ We use the media of newspapers as one of the marketing strategies.

→ Bihaan Music will arrange ‘baithak’ programmes as platforms for upcoming artists together with a formal publish of a new Album.

→ Uploading of new Music Albums in Facebook page of Bihaan Music with estimated reach to wide range of listeners.

→ Any two tracks of an Album are uploaded in the You Tube.

→ Promos of new Albums are created on You Tube.

→ Creating Web – Page of the Artists in and www.bihaandigital.comwith track clippings and details of the artists and their Albums.

→ Purchase of Physical Albums is made possible from Web Page through purchase CARTs and PAYMENT GATEWAY like CC Avenue and PayPal.

→ Purchasing digital Music Tracks through code cards or digital coupons from

→ Single track purchase from by cash cards (Credit Cards / Debit Cards).

→ Bihaan Music is also manufacturer of hand-crafted Musical Instruments. Musical Instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Tanpura, small Tanpura (Tanpuri - both male and female), Sitar, Sarod and other string Instruments are the main products of Bihaan Music Instruments. Good quality material along with skilled craftsmanship are the basic reliable factors of premium production in reasonable prices. For details please refer to

→ Bihaan Music has initiated a sector of Book Publishing and Distribution. Biographies of Great Musicians, Lesson Documentation of Vocal and Instrumental Talims and other forms of Act & Culture related books.

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Recording and Mastering.
Printing of Mastered CDs/DVDs.
Design and Printing of Album Covers.
Commercial Release & Publishing of Finished Albums
Distribution and Marketing of Albums.
Digital & Physical Distribution of Albums.
Up-coming Artist Promotion.
Event Arrangement of new Talents.
Events & Exhibitions
Event Arrangement of new Talents.
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