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Kabi Pranam- Chandalika

Rabindra Sangeet |

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Producer : Beenapani Ashram, Santiniketan

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Released : April-2005
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This VCD is a live recording of Tagore's Dance drama Chandalika staged by the Ashram Girls' of Binapani Ashram at the Kalamandir Auditorium, Kolkata on 3rd June 2003. 

The institution, popularly known as Binapani Ashram was conceptualized, more than a decade back by Shri. Barka Saren and his wife Smt. Manjusree Saren, as a sort of private family philanthropic exercise. During the last 17 years, the organization has grown into an established educational support system for a large number of poor tribal school going girls and children of other backward communities. This has been made possible with the co-operation and financial support from large number of people from different walks of life, residing in India and abroad. Since from the very beginning, Barka and Manjusree, both were committed to give their best effort in terms of money and labour to bring the extremely poor tribal children into the main stream of human civilization by extending educational support, cultural encouragement and health assistance. It is nice to see that this noble mission has now blown into a larger canopy to shelter, not only the tribal but also for the children from other economically backward communities and underprivileged families. Which was once just an ashram, has gradually metamorphosed during the last 17 years into a public charitable Trust in 1997. The organization is registered as Binapani Educational and Welfare Trust at the office of the Additional Sub-Registrar, Govt. of West Bengal, Bolpur. At present, we are happy to record that more than 100 people have come forward to stand by the side of the poor children (resident school going girls and nursery children) in their sincere pursuit for education and cultural uplift.Perhaps as a sponsor, you share the same happiness and joy with the child as she climbs the stairs of success. We are also satisfied, so long, we find the best use of your hard earned money through our institution, in building of human resources from the children of underprivileged families.


During the preparation of the Annual Report, utmost care is taken to cover almost all the major social, cultural and academic events of the year under the timeframe of our concern. Some of the senior resident girls are given the responsibilities to keep records of event(s) which are supposed to be included in the Annual Report. As I normally stay in Kolkata and try to make fortnightly visits to the ashram, sometimes, it becomes difficult for me to keep track with the dates of visits of dignitaries and other prominent people who come as visitors to Binapani Ashram. At the end of the year, those notes and records are compiled to build up the Annual Review or Report, whatever you may like to call it. Considering all the major events, the one which stands out from all others is the news, that tells the best story for Binapani Ashram of the present year. The two tribal resident girls of Binapani Ashram who were picked up by Manjusree and Barka as little children from the poorest of the poor tribal families have passed higher secondary and are now on their way to higher education to enter University. A dream, a fantasy, in the lives of Subarna Saren and Putul Hansda have suddenly turned into reality. The success story for the girls comes as a great reward for us for which we put our best effort and money. The Trustee Board of the Ashram along with the staff members and large number of friends and donors have given financial support and extended all sorts of co-operation to achieve the end result. Let it be a trained setup for others and younger residents of Binapani Ashram.


Playback Singers 

Kushni Saren, Noha Tudu, Lakshman Saren, Swarnakamal Khambui, Saugata Dhar Chowdhury, Biswanath Banerjee.


Chorus Singers 

Smt. Baski, Trishna Banerjee, Manju Debangshee.



Rubi Tudu, Moyna Maddi, Putul Hasda, Joso Tudu, Bahomoni Hasda, Sumi Hembram, Nivedita Saren, Basira Khatun, Miru Saren, Rinku Hansda, Mamoni Das, Subarna Saren, Krishna Murmu, Mukul Hasda, Jayantee Murmu.

Accompaniments Name : Rana Dutta    Debasish Hazra   Trishna Banerjee   Dilip Kumar Bansi   
Accompaning Instrument : Synthesizer   Tabla   Harmonium   Mandira   

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