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  • Dr Madhuchhanda Dutta

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    Dhrupad is a vocal genre in Hindustani Classical Music, said to be the oldest still in use in that musical tradition. Its name is derived from the words “dhruva” (fixed) and “pada”(words). The term may denote both the verse form of the poetry and the style in which it is sung.

    MadhuchhandaDutta  is a dhrupad singer in Dagar style which is  regarded as one of the richest cultural heritage of Indian Classical Music. Her sole dedication to Indian classical music for the last 15 to 20 years, her development of highly captivating style of ALAP singing (SwarPradhanGayaki), remarkably distinguishes her from other  and provides her the path that leads to eminence  fame and popularity at national level.

    Her inborn talent was recognized first of all by her uncle Late MrinalKantiDutta one of the  eminent singer of his time when she was just a school going child.

    Her insatiable  thirst for the ancient music genre made her look for another teacher . After all fortune smiled at her search  and bestowed her a great GurujiPanditRitwikSanyal. Who has assimilated the Dagarvani Tradition of Dhrupad and evolved a distinctive style of his own in the rendering of Dhrupad.Most of the compositions are of  Guruji.

    Based on her studies with the constant association and guidance of her Guru PanditRitwikSanyal, she was able to develop a synergistic and highly eclectic version of the Dagarstyle.Above all, she has earned  a credit of developing an outstanding and impressive way of ALAP singing.



    Aditya Dip is an accomplished Pakhawaj player from Varanasi. He received rigorous training under the able guidance of Pt Shrikant Mishra, the Pakhawaj Maestro. He has accompanied a number of eminent Dhrupad artists like Pt Ritwik Sanyal, Gundecha Brothers, Pt Prem Kumar Mallik, Pt Rabindra Narayan Goswami, Gianni Ricchizi (Ganga) and many others. Aditya has performed on many prestigious music platforms in India and abroad like Tansen Samaroh, Dhrupad Mela, Shreemat Sangeet Samaroh, Nepal Music Center, Dhrupad Mahotsav, SPICMACAY etc.

    He has equal proficiency in solo performance and has performed in a number of Taal- Vadya- Kacheris, Pakhawaj duets. Aditya is also keen to impart the knowledge of Pakhawaj and conducts classes and workshops for students in India and abroad.

  • Tracks:

    1.Raag Miyan ki Todi : Jogi Shiva Shankara–Chautaal 

        Panchina Mani Garuda - Sultaal

        (Composed by Pandit Ritwik Sanyal)

    2. Raag Yaman : Ahir Bhairav

        Eka Radana Lambodara - Chautaal

        Baanu Udaya Bhayo - Sultaal

        (Composed by Pandit Ritwik Sanyal)

    Accompaniment :
    Aditya Dip - Pakhawaj  


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