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Instrumental | Sitar Recital
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  • Sarmila Dutta

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  • Born in 1961 in a family of musicians, SARMILA was initiated in the art of playing SITAR by her father Rathindranath at an early age. Sarmila inherited the emotional delicacies, tonal structure & rhythms in her classical instrument of her father who was a direct disciple ofLALITMOHAN MUKHOPADHYAYA. Following the path of her father, Sarmila also brought up herself with Lakshman Bhattacharya Gharana and now she is also practicing in Agra Atrauli Gharana.

    Sarmila made her debut in All India Murari Music Conference in the year 1971 and made herself associated with All India Radio since her early age. Her recent exposure in a morning concert at Uttam Mancha,Kolkata in a Memorial function of Natubabu and a musical evening at Birla Auditorium,Kolkata of Kheyal Music College received appraisal. Sarmila, as a devotee of Classical Music, doesn’t want to confine her fingers onto the strings to present merely grammar of ragas, but to build it up into an aesthetically pleasing experience.

  • Raag - Rageshree
    Raag - Shree
    Raag - Durga
    Raag - Jhinjhit

    Accompaniment :
    Pandit Samar Saha  
    Accompanying Instrument : Tabla  


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