Phiriya Jodi Se Ase

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  • Moumita Roy Chowdhury

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  • Moumita Roychowdhury is currently a promising name in Bengali musical industry. Bengali songs based on Ragas, Bhajans, Najrul Sangeet and songs of Tagore- in all formats she is equally conversant and established her foot mark.

    From the very childhood she was accompanied by her mother and stepped into the world of music and made herself familiar with the basics of music. From then she completed her masters in Bengali Music from Rabindra Bharati University.

    From early days she started performing in different parts of Bengal and started getting accolades. She was awarded with Satyajit Ray award for her outstanding performance, Kolkata Festival award, Rajya Sangeet Academy award and many in her showcase. Also she stood top in many other competitions and proved her competency.

    We expect that her golden voice will be widely accepted among the young generation of music lovers and her melodious voice will appeal a large extent to deepest level of the heart of audience of Bengal. We wish her music and voice will take her several steps ahead in her life.

  • Brajogopi Khele Hori

    Uchatano Mon ghare raye na

    Gother Ralkhal Bole de re

    Phiriya jodi se ase

    Mala Gantha shes na hote

    Parodeshi megh jao re phire

    Sakhi Bandhlo

    Shunyo a Buke Pakhi mor

    Accompaniment :
    Surajit Das  
    Accompanying Instrument : Music Arrangement  


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