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  • Shanta Deb

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  • Santa Deb has shown an in born affinity to the songs of Gurudev from her childhood.  She was born in Silchar, a remote town in south Assam. Silchar has been a hub of cultural and intellectual activities for many decades.  Sensitive to music as she has always been, she has associated herself with many cultural organisations in her birthplace, engaged in performance as well as inculcating good sensible music.  No other songs can be more sensible than Rabindra Sangeet, because Gurudev created his music (according to him, it emerged from the depth of his heart) as wonderful carriers of the waves of his enchanting noble thoughts. It demands a few seconds of attention to feel that the listener is listening her songs with the heart only and pulsating with thoughts and music playing in unison. Her initiation to the musical world was made by her father Late Sishir Ranjan Choudhury.  He paved the path of her musical journey by inducing her to the emotive appeal of “Matri Sangeet” and traditional “Kirtans”. This may be the root of her inclination to the Kirtangastyle of Rabindra Sangeet. She was trained and achieved her refinement in music by Smt. Shivani Brahmachari, a prodigious Rabindra Sangeet Singer and trainer in Silchar.  She was also blessed with the teachings in Rabindra Sangeet from Late Prasad Sen, a veteran teacher and a scholar in Rabindra sangeet and Late Aurobindo Biswas, a scholar and renowned Rabindra Sangeet trainer.  The compilation of songs in this disc is her debut in revealing her deep sense of devotion to her father, guru and teachers for the blessings she was bestowed with.Her noble effort will prove worthwhile if melody of her songs touches the heart of listeners.

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    Sharboner dharar mato

    Ami tomar songe bendhechi Pran

    Bhenge mor Ghorer Chabi

    Kandale tumi more

    Tomar khola haoa

    Ogo sono ke bajay

    Jagoto jure udar sure
    Chander Hansi Bandh

    Hridoyer ekul okul

    Ohe sundaro mori mori

    Accompaniment :
    Bibhash Sanghai ( Rabindra Sangeet )   


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