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  • Seema Raychowdhury

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  • Seema Raychowdhury started learning music from her mother at the tender age of five. Initially she learnt Shyama sangeet and other Bengali songs. She started singing in cultural programmes in school and social gatherings from her early childhood.

    Later, she started getting formal training in Hindustani Classical Music from Pt. Ajit Chatterjee. She is a Sangeet Prabhakar in Classical Hindustani Music. She is trained in light music and Rabindrasangeet music as well.

    Seema comes from a family of educationists and musicians, while her father was an engineer and grandfather was head of the department in economics; her mother is an established singer who specialises in various genres of Bengali and Folk Music. Seema loves to sing semi-classical, folk and devotional songs.

  • Jai Ganesh - Brahmananda

    Prabhuji Tum Chandan- Redas

    Ankhiyan Hari darshan ki-Surdas

    Prabhu more awagun-Surdas

    Chadar ho gayee- Kabirdas

    Gayee ye Ganapati-Tulsidas

    Mayee re main to-Meerabai

    Sumiran Kar ley- Guru Nanak

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