Soul of Sarod

Instrumental | Sarod Recital
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  • Shibdas Chakraborty

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  • Specialization: Hindustani Classical Music , Instrumental (Sarod) Education: Graduated at DDU University, Gorakhpur  Musical qualification: Gold Medal at Sangit Praveen, Sangit Bhaskar.  Guru Shishya Parampara under the guidance of Guru Pt. Jotin Bhattacharya Shib Das Chakraborty is a reference sarod player of North Indian Classical Music. Disciple of Pt. Jotin Bhattacharya (the great sarod maestro and leading exponent of Ud. Allahudin Khan Sahab), Shib Das has been trained under strictest Guru Shiksha Parampara, the traditional Indian method of teaching-learning. Following the teaching of his guru and with his own innate talent he has established himself among the very best of contemporary Hindustani He started his musical career with a first concert at Sankatmochan Music Festival, Varanasi in 1980. Since then he has delighted audiences all over India by his performances.He was awarded “SURMANI” in the year 1984 by Kal Ke kalakar Sangit Sammelan(Mumbai) and “Life Time Achievement Award” by Yuva Chetna Samiti Gorakhpur in He is an “A” grade artist of All India Radio and has played for the National Programme of Music by AIR and He offers Master classes and workshops in various institutions.

    Shib Das visited Europeon countries for his concerts as an international musician.He has also directed several School Orchestrations. Albums :- Radha Bhajans , Raag Jhinjhoti + Dhun in Raga Mishra Pahadi “Purity of ragas, deepness, unparalleled Tankari and Layakari are the hallmark of this gifted musician.” Shib Das Chakraborty considers music to be the most beautiful expression of life and beauty. He hopes that by the Universal Musical Appeal, this World would be a better place to live in.

    Contact: 0024-K Dharmapur, Shahpur, PO: Gitavatika, Gorakhpur (UP), India 273006. Mob: 09935623569 e-mail: /

  • Raag Jhinjhoti  

    Alap -8.42

    Jod -12.17

    Vilambit  Gat in Teental  -14.24

    Drut   Gat in Teental -15.15

    Raga Mishra Pahadi  Dadra  Dhun- 11.49

    Accompaniment :
    Arup Sengupta  
    Accompanying Instrument : Tabla  


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