Inner Voice of Siddha Veena

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  • Siddhartha Banerjee

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  • SIDDHARTHA BANERJEE: One of the serious,young exponents of Indian Classical Music, who constantly endeavours to infuse interest and respect for this traditional art form in the heart and the minds of the younger generation.

    Siddhartha is a creator of Siddha Veena (Modified Slide Guitar), He started performing at the tender age of 11,since then he never looked back.

    Where others have performed Ragas, Siddhartha has created Ragas. Where others have played compositions, Siddhartha has written compositions.

    Siddhartha Banerjee has given“Maihar Gharana” a  brand new flavour with his unique and magical Instrument ‘Siddha Veena’. 

    About Siddha Veena: Siddha Veena is a stringed musical instrument equally adept at interpreting Indian Classical Music and World Music.It derives its name from its inventor, Siddhartha. Its sound resembles that of VichitraVeena,Sitar and Sarod, though with its own special character.It is a highly modified Slide Guitar which Siddhartha plays lap style. The instrument has 21strings:4melody, 3 drone,2chikaris and 12tarab (sympathetic strings).

    As a child prodigy with music inhaled through the breath of his mother Late Jaya Banerjee. Siddhartha has blossomed under the finest tutelage of Virtuosos Dr.Shibnath Bhattacharya,  Pt.Narain Das Chakraborty and Pt.Amit Bhattacharya through arduous training, Siddhartha has mastered  Dhrupad, Khayal and Tantrakari styles equally well. His recital is always a rare treat combining Dhrupad and Khayal Gayaki, melodious Alaap, scintillating  mastery, innovative improvisation with mesmerizing  Layakari and dexterous finger work.

    Siddhartha’s first performance was at the age of 11 in Varanasi and since then he has never looked back.

     No wonder his concerts are loved and lauded by not only by music lovers but even by  connoisseurs and music maestros such as Pt.KishanMaharaj,Pt.Channu Lal Mishra, Pt.VikkuVinayak and Pt.DebuChodhury.

    Siddhartha has performed in numerous major venues and festivals including:

    India Habitat Center(Delhi),India International   GuitarFestival(Kolkata),RavindraNatyaMandir(Mumbai),Prayag Sangeet Samiti Samaroh(Allahabad),National Institute of Performing Arts(Delhi),Subah-e-Banaras(Varanasi),Gurukul(Raipur),Bundelkhand Sangeet Samaroh(Jhansi),ParimalVirat Sangeet Samaroh(Purnia),NaadYatra(Delhi), ShitlaSangeetMahotsav(Varanasi),Surotirtho(Delhi),National Programme of ShrotaSamiti(Raipur), Gandhi Hindustani Sahitya Sabha(Delhi),Ganga Mahotsav(Varanasi),Haldia Music Circle(Kolkata),Veaves Studio(Varanasi),National Institute of Performing Arts(Delhi),Sat Naad(Raipur),International Vedanta Society(Varanasi) and more.

    Albums and Collaboration Projects:

    Inner Voice of Siddha Veena(India),Kashi Nath,Brisbane(Australia),Drumming session with Siddha Veena(Queensland).

    Press Reviews:

    A new Instrument being invented in the Horizon of Indian Classical Music by Siddhartha Banerjee - Jana Sandesh.

    Music becomes alive by the outstanding performance of Veena Maestro Siddhartha Banerjee-DainikBhaskar,Raipur.

    Awards and Achivements: National Institute of Performing Arts (N.I.P.A),  Award 2016, SangeetSadhak Award(Delhi),  Gold Medal All-India Competition.

    As a Judge: Bharat VikasParishad,Y.E.T.S.Yoga Education Society,H.S.Mishra Music Academy,Brahmapuri Puja Festival.

    Contact: Email:, Phone: +91 9450619891

  • 1. Raga Yaman

     Alaap.Vilambit and Drut Composition in Teental(16beats)

    2.Raga Bageshree

     Alaap,Jod,Drut Compostion in Teenteal.    

    3.Raga Bhairavi

    Dhun based in Dadra Taal(6beats)

    Accompaniment :


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