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  • Anirban Roy Chowdhury

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    Anirban Born into a   family environ of music in Assam (India), Anirban gulped music in his boyhood days from his father Akhil Roy Choudhury-a noted musician in his days-  and elder brother Animesh. Anirban’s soul enlivened with rhythm during days of formal education. The young maestro is at once the torch-bearer of the Punjab style of tabla (percussion) playing, and an ace ambassador of Indian Classical Music as well.


    The formal, intensive and extensive training in the art of tabla was with the mentor Pt Yogesh Shamsi of Allarakha Institute, Bombay, suitably overseen by the legendary tabla maestro Ust. Zakeer Hussain.


    Anirban is a Sangeet Visharad (B.Mus) of Bhatkhande Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, and a Sangeet Nipun (M.Mus) of Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, Calcutta.





    Keeping in line with the hallowed Mentor-pupil tradition of Indian music, he     imparted training in tabla for 5 years at the Sangeet-Nartan Shikshapeeth (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) of Bombay.


    Teaches hundreds of students as a senior tabla instructor from Bharatiya Kala Kendra ( BKK) in New jersey and Academy of Indian Music ( AIM ) in New Jersey. Teaches the technical and analytical components of tabla playing. Teaches the mathematics behind tabla compositions. He is the conductor and senior examiner for various music and dance schools across the USA, imparting various forms of music education to mainstream students. His knowledge of timing the beats of tabla and its superior skills are an invaluable instrument to judge a student’s proficiency and level of his learning the art of  tabla playing (percussion) for style of indian dancing Latin-Flamenco/Western dance certified schools in the US call him every year to conduct oral and written exams for students. Anirban composes scores for Latin/Flamenco and Ballet schools.

    Invited to offer a Master class to students in the percussion department of the prestigious Steinhardt School of music, NY University. The amazed students of western music avidly took away bits of Anirban’s music. They noted the transcendental nature of beats of Anirban’s renderings. Anirban’s tabla compositions in ‘teentaal’ (16 beats) and ‘Rupak taal’ ( 7 Beats ) can seamlessly gel with western djambe and drums. The students learnt the innovative ways of playing percussion instrument which they were never exposed to in the past.

    Intensive music journeys throughout the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, the UAE and Bangladesh have established young and dynamic Anirban as the true ambassador of Indian music looking for vistas for holisticmusic collaboration everywhere. His solo tabla recitals at Stuttgart (Germany) and Mandappa (Paris) in 2002 earned him kudos. And the memorable solo tabla performances in 2007 at the World Bank and the IMF (Washington D.C),followed by those at the  Ust. Ali Akbar College of Music (San Rafael CA), Dartmouth College NH, New York University,   Kansas University,Rutgers University NJ, Maharishi University of Management (Farfield), 10WA Public Library (Cincinnati) and University of Pennsylvania are milestones in Anirban’s music journey.


    In the annual 10-days Ustad Zakir Hussain tabla retreat  IONS (in California), cut off from telephones and internet, Anirban merrily gives and takes from all kinds of music world wide.


    A first ever FM 89.9 radio channelin New York now plays Indian Classical Music 24 hours. Anirban recently gave solo table performance for FM Channel.


    Ever eager to collect gems for a holistic world music, Anirban was privileged to provide tabla accompaniment to leading musicians like Anup Jalota, Ghulam Ali, Pankaj Udhas, Man Udhas, Pt.Tarun Bhattacharyya, Pt. Ramesh Mishra, Snehashish Majumdar, Purbayan Chatterjee, Pt. Dhruv Ghosh, Smt. Aditi Upadhyaya, Smt.  Kankana Banerjee, Pradeep Barot, Pt. Sudhindra Bhaumik, Alam Khan, Rakesh Chaurasia, Rupak Kulkarni, Pt. Dinkar Kaikini, Pt. Arvind Parekh, Ust.   Shahid Parvez (Sitar Maestro), legendary flute maestro Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Grammy Winner), Grammy nominees Chandrika Tandon, Ken Zukarmann, Kavita Krishnamurthy (Playback singer) and L. Subramaniam (Violin) and others.


    Forerunner of holistic music with social cause at heart: While working for two music institutes of New Jersey (USA) from 2010, dynamic Anirban became associated with ‘Art Speaks for Autism’, a non-profit organisation of St. Peter’s University Foundation, New Brunswick. The goal of ASFA is to spread Autism awareness, raise funds for Autism Research and support families with Autistic children. The original ASFA Chapter was started by Dr. N Shukla, a paediatrician in New Jersey.


    The association with ASFA brought about Anirban’s Rhythm Eternal with the two fold aim of (i) Promoting interactions of Indian Classical Music with music abroad for enabling a holistic fusion and (ii) Give back to society the support music gets from it through music support to the cause of alleviation of Autism.


    Inauguration of the first Indian Chapter of Rhythm Eternals at G.D. Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata with a soul-stirring solo tabla recital part by  Anirban in the last week of March 2014 was an astounding success.The performance of Anirbantabla solo with Sabir Khan sarangi was roundly   applauded, among others by Pt. Samar Saha, the eminent tabla maestro. More such Indian Chapters are planned for the metropolitan cities. Then the tabla accompaniment by Anirban to vocalist Ms. Haimanti Shukla and other maestros in a separate concert in Calcutta was another astounding success. The events brought together music lovers, learners and senior mentors in a spirit of give and take. Both the events highlighted the cause of meaningful service to community through music.

  • Track 1. Teentaal Vilamvit (slow tempo) 16 beats

    Track 2. Teentaal Drut ( fast tempo) 16 beats

    Track 3. Deep Chandi 14 beats

    Accompaniment :
    Allarakha Kalavant  
    Accompanying Instrument : Sarangi  


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