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  • Sugata Marjit

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  • Notwithstanding the fact that he is a national award winning economist, a Chair Professor at a premier institution, taught in Universities across continents, very recently held the top most job in higher education in the state of West Bengal, has been a prolific columnist of popular dailys’ and currently a Member of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), true identity of Sugata Marjit is his music. Famous musicologist Deepak Raja compares his music with films of “Gaddard” and calls him a Messiah of the Post-Modern form of Hindustani Music. A well known  Vocalist, Sugata has performed world- wide and in major concerts in India. His maiden venture as a composer earned him the coveted West Bengal Drama Academy Award. In this soul searching album he offers classical spiritual songs. His deep, mellifluous and rigorously trained voice gives life to a set of uniquely designed compositions that are bound to entertain both the young and mature listeners.

  • Darbari Kanada-Tumha Shah Karim Rahim....
    Todi - Mana Panchi Bhaii Bawari
    Ahir Bhairav-Ho Mana Hari Darasana Ko....
    Bhatiyaar - Are Mana Ramakrishna Japo Re....
    Lalit - Prabhu Data Ri....
    Kirwani - Hare Rama Ram Krishna....

    Accompaniment :
    Madhu Mukherjee  
    Accompanying Instrument : Music Arrangement  


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