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  • Mrityunjoy Mukherjee

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  • Mrityunjoy ranks as one of the most distingushed musicians in the country today and probably a great exponent of indiand wood wind instruments, the Bansuri. In his hands this humble Indian flute brings to life the divine music of lord Krishna.

    Mrityunjoy’s nimble fingers and his incredible breath control work in unison to exquisite melodic phrases. There is a mystical element in his melody which in turn creates a mood of spiritual awareness amongst the listeners.

    Afteryears of restless sadhana under such legendry gurus as Prof. Deboprasad banerjee and Shyamal Chatterjee. At present he is a disciple of  Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. Under these gurus talim training he has molded his creative expression to impart the art of wood wind  a dimension that has transformed it into an ethereal treat of fine arts. Thus is his dexterous hands, the flute emerge from its humble pastoral background to express nuances of high caliber classical music of unsurpassed elegance.

    Performed at EZCC in 14th December 2011, in Rajya Sangeet Academy annual, Ramakrishna Mission Banura and Madnapore  several time, as an invited artist  at different venues for Spicmacy, Saltlake Music Festival 2000. LYCEE FRANCAIS DE in 1999 in Pondichery. In Broadcasting Channel - Doordarshan, Akash Bangla and Tara Muszk  recordings & shows he performed several times.


  • Track 1 - Raga Bhupali – Matta Taal (9 Beats)
    Track 2 - Raga Khoushikdhwani – Teentaal (16 Beats)
    Track 3 - Mishra Piloo Dhun


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