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  • Rupa Chaudhuri

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  • Rupa Chaudhuri is the daughter of veteran artist of yesteryears Late Acharya Nidan Bandhu Bandyopadhyay of Bhawanipore, Calcutta. As a child she started picking up the intricate nuances of the various forms of Hindustani Classical music that she heard from her father. Ranging from Dhrupad and khayal to the lighter forms of Thumri or Bhajans, Rupa has erudition far ahead of her own age. Formally trained by her father in the Gwalior-Rampur style she later enriched her repertoire with the nuances of Agra Gharana from the late Pt. Kumar Prasad Mukhopadhyay. Her singing is remarkable for her aesthetic use of meend and gamaks of the Dhrupad ang while she strives to remain true to her roots. Rare forms of Songs like the Dhrupad, Dhamar, Chaturang, Swarthak Sargam etc in various ragas are in abundance in her repertoire apart from lilting Taranas, Thumris and Kajris. She won awards for Dhrupad and Dhamar at the Rajya Sangeet Academy, sang with her father in archival recordings for a Ford Foundation project, performed at the radio and television for sometime and now devotes time in lecture demonstrations and concerts.

    Rupa's tonal capability is power packed yet conforms to the beauty of classism. She has acquired the techniques innovated by her Guru and the ones esed by her father in his timeless renditions of dhrupad, dhamar and khayal bandishes.

  • Raag Bageshri (Alaap & Dhrupad)
    Taal Chautal
    "Vishnupada Pankaja dekho"
    Composed by
    Sangeetacharya Rasraj
    Sri Nidan Bandhu Bandopadhyay
    Raag Bhairavi (Alaap & Dhrupad)
    Taal Jhaptal
    "Bhawani Dayani"

    Accompaniment :
    Apurba Laal Manna  Kamalesh Mishra  Kashmira Majumdar  
    Accompanying Instrument : Pakhawaj  Sarangi  Harmonium  


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