Melodious Sprinkle of the Lake City

Instrumental | Santoor Recital
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  • Pandit Ramkrishna Bose

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  • PT. RAMKRISHNA BOSE has been a child prodigy and versatile musical talent. Born and brought up at Jamalpur (Bihar), Pt. Bose is euqally proficient in Tabla, Sitar andSantoor. His training in Tabla began at a tender age of 5, under the able guidance of Pt. Ram Prasad Mehta, who belonged to Benaras Gharana. At the age of 12, Ramkrishna was initiated into the Sitar by Prof. Ranajeet Shah, disciple of Ustad Vilayet Khan. To quench his musical thirst further, young Ramkrishna was looking for an institutionalised training of music and he came to Santiniketan (at Vishwa Bharati University) the abode of art and culture in the world. At Santinikeatan, he took rigorous Taleem in Tabla under Prof. Dilip Das who was the first and the most favourite disciple of well known tabla maestro Pt. Jnan Prakash Ghosh of Kolkata. During his days at Santiniketan, he had opportunities to come in contact with luminaries like Pt. Ravi Shankar, Pt. Nikhil Banerjee, Prof. Suresh Mishra, Agra Gharana doyen Ut. Yunus Hussain Khan (Vocal), Maihar-bred Pt. Indranil Bhattacharya (Sitar), Prof. Ranadheer Ray Chowdhury (Esraj), Dr. Mohan Singh Khangura (Vocal), Prof. Alok Chattopadhyay (Vocal) and Prof. Ashesh Bandyopadhyay (Esraj and Sitar) all of whom enhanced his musical career.

    After years of dedication and drive,he established the ‘BoseMusic Institute’ which is known to the musical community of Rajashthan. This institute is recognized by almost all the leading musical boards in the country today which conduct regular concerts, lec-dems, examinations, seminars and workshops. The institute housed in a 3,600 Sq. ft. area is the most reputed in Udaipur which proves the relentless devotion and interest of Pt. Bose as an individual. Connoisseur and students of music from various countries like Germany, France, America, Denmark, England, Hungary etc. visit his institute regularly to learn Tabla, Sitar, Santoor.

  • Raag Charukeshi - 39.17 min
    Alaap - Jod - Jhala
    Vilambit Gat - ‘Teentaal’ (16 Beats)
    Maddhyalaya Gat- Jaitaal’ (13 beats)
    Drut laya Gat & Jhala- Ektaal (12 beats).
    Raag - Vachaspati - 16.41 min
    Aaochar Alaap
    Maddhyalaya Gat - Taal Roopak (7 beats)
    Drut Gat & Jhala - Teentaal’ (16 beats)

    Dhun - 5.8 min 
    Folk tune of Rajasthan
    based on Raag ‘Gawti
    set to Taal Kaharwa (8 beats)
    Dhun - 7.8 min
    based on Raag ‘Pahadi
    Taal - chanchar (14 beats) & 
    Khemta (12 beats)

    Dhun - 5. 33 - min
    Folk tune of Bengal - (Baul)
    based on Raag - Bhairavi
    Taal - Daadra (6 beats)

    Accompaniment :
    Mallar Ghosh  Steffi  
    Accompanying Instrument : Tabla  Tanpura  


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