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  • Subir Mukherjee

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  • Sri Subir Mukherjee - a hidden genius in Santipur, Nadia, both santoor maker and player started learning tabla at an early age - was a disciple of Pt. Shankar Ghosh. His artistic sense was also exposed in the form of making Suromandal. He played suromandal with stick in classical concerts - later perfected the art by making Santoor - played santoor with no formal talim.He came in contact with Sandip Chatterjee, a well-known Santoor player, attended his classes to perfect the art of playing santoor.

  • Raag Kaushi Dhwani
    Raag Kirwani

    Accompaniment :
    Abhijit Kastha  
    Accompanying Instrument : Tabla  


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