Ke Tomare Shikhayeche e Prem

Classical Vocal | Semi Classical
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  • Maya Roy

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    Born in 1936 in West Bengal, she is a regular artiste at the All India Radio. She is specialized in Hindustani Classical, including Tappa, Thumri and Dadra. At a very early age she received music lessons from her parents Sri Panchanan Sarkar and Smt Shefalika Sarkar. Then she had the opportunity to obtain teachings in music from Sri Kalipada Pathak, Sri Gyan Prakash Ghosh, Smt. Dipali Nag and Sri Abhaypada Mukhopadhyay. She has performed recently in London and Kolkata. She lives in Kolkata.

  • Bhalobashibe Bole Bhalobashine 
    Composed by Sri Ramnidhi Gupta
    Raag: Khammaj, Taal Adhya (7:48)

    Ke Tomare Shikhayeche e Prem 
    Composed by Sri Sridhar Kathak 
    Raag: Surat Malhar, Taal: Teentaal (7:42)

    Jatane Jatona Bare 
    Composed by Smt. Maya Roy
    Raag: Kafi; Taal: Aat matra Joth (6:56)

    Monere Bujhaye Bolo 
    Composed by Sri Ramnidhi Gupta
    Raag: Jhinjhoti, Taal: Adhya (7:48)

    Shyam Nagaro He
    Composed by Sri Ramnidhi Gupta
    Raag: Bhairavi; Taal: Adhya (8:10)

    Miche Keno Koro Abhiman 
    Composed by Sri Ramnidhi Gupta
    Raag: Kafi; Taal: Teentaal (6:50)

    Tomar Birohe Jay Jabe Pran
    Composed by Sri Sridhar Kathak
    Raag: Kafi; Taal: Adhya …..(7:04)

    Accompaniment :
    Dipankar Acharya  Roopak Dey  Debasish Halder  
    Accompanying Instrument : Tabla  Harmonium  Sarangi  


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