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Master's Stroke

Instrumental Series | Pakhawaj Recital

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Subhasis Sabyasachi

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Subhasis Sabyasachi, a leading pakhawaj / tabla player and an ambidexter genius  who plays on Pakhawaj in this instrumental Album - "Master's Stroke" . He has dedicated this Album in the name of his beloved father and Guru Late Jagat Jiban Ghosh.

About Mridang – Pakhawaj

Mridang/Pakhawaj is oldest of all the Indian Music instruments.

It is mentioned in Vedas, Puranas and Upanihsads, Mridang has been ruling the hearts of Indian people since the last 2500 years.

The credit of inventing Mridang goes to Lord Shiva according to old Indian scriptures. Till about 2000 years Mridang was made of soil only.

Its modern transformed look was created only in the 16th century. Mridang / pakhawaj is a finger played double headed barrel drum. The drum maker mixes iron fillings and rice and prepares a paste which is then spreaded on the smaller of the two drum heads.

Mostly, two types of Mridangas are popular in Indian Classical Music. One of the two is North Indian Mridang which is called Pakhawaj and the other is South Indian Mridang called Mridangam.

Often pakhawaj is specially used in North Indian Dhrupad Music. Similarly Mridangam is used for South Indian Carnatic Classical Music.

In Sanskrit, the word “SABYASAACHI” means a man who can simultaneously work with both hands. Basically SUBHASIS is a RIGHT – handed “TABLA” player & LEFT – handed “PAKHAWAJ” Player. He is and “AMBIDEXTER - GENIUS”.

SUBHASIS, a rising and remarkable artist of Percussion, was born in a musical family in the year 1979 in Kolkata. He has begun his musical journey with ‘TABLA’. His initial training of ‘TABLA’ –started at the age of five under the able guidance of his father, Lt. Jagat Jiban Ghosh.

Besides his Tabla experience, he carried on practice on PAKHAWAJ and now emerges more as a Pakhawaj Player than a Tabla –Player. Subhasis received extensive ‘Talim’ for over one decade from Acharya Sri Gurudas Ghosh in KADAV SINGH GHARANA (TRADITION), Kolkata. Thereafter he has got the opportunity to take his ‘Talim’ from Pt. Dalchand Sharma in the true tradition of NATHUDWARARU- PARAMPARA (Style).

Subhasis also invented, designed and introduced some new instruments viz., “AAWAZ”, “SRUTI” & “CHHAR TARANG”. He has also invented a special type of PAKHAWAJ – that particularly is used for enriching his style in respect of “Kinar-Baj” & “Jhala- Baj”. He has been performing extensively on ICCR, RADIO & TV including music programmes as a soloist as well as an accompanist since 2004.

Subhasis has received numerous awards and titles. Among many a few are:

  • National Gold Medal in All India Radio in 2004
  • National Scholarship under ministry of Culture, Govt of India in 2005
  • Sangeet Natak Akademy scholarship, Govt of India (Delhi - 2008)
  • State Akademy ‘Talent Search Award’ organized by West Bengal Govt. – 2004,
  • ITC- SRA & Talmoni Award from Mumbai in 2004
  • LIMCA Book of records - 2011

*Got Patent for new invention – “CHHAR TARANG”


The name “Tarang” was devised by the founder and director of the “Tarang” Group Mr. Subhasis Sabyasachi after the name “Brojo-Tarang” which was invented by his revered Guru. Sri Brojen Biswas.

“Tarang” in Bengali means vibration – Vibration of air, Vibration of media, Vibration of sound etc. The Group in the name of “Tarang” which is getting its recognition in the Country & outside. Got its start in the year of 2006.

The popular “Tarang-Group” sometimes perform in the name of “Delhi-Brothers”.

Primarily this Group deals with the Own-Composition & Composition of Barman’s. Besides ‘Classical’, ‘Rabindra Sangeet’ & ‘Folk Songs’ on different perspectives are also being played.

Sri Sabyasachi is reluctant to use the word “BAND” instead of ‘GROUP’. He rather likes to use “TARANG” – PHILHARMONIC  ORCHESTRA…

With Us- (, facebook-tarangdal , email-


1. Introduction of Pakhawaj

2. Divine Mantras

3. Jhala

4. Taal paksha

5. Jhaptaal -10 beats

6. Chartaal - 12 beats

7. Laggi on Pakhawaj - 8 beats


Accompaniment : Goutam Kanjilal   Goutam Chatterjee  
Accompanying Instrument : Harmonium  Tanpura  

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