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Heritage Series | Jugalbandi

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Kumar Prasad Mukhopadhyay

V. G. Jog

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Classical Vocal - Violin  Jugalbandi 

by Pt. Kumarprasad Mukherjee
& Pt. V. G. Jog 

Live Recital 1980   

Jugalbandi of Pt. Kumarprasad Mukherjee's instrumental Voice & Pt. V.G. Jog's heart squeezing violin, with Pt. Mahapurush Mishra on the tabla is the treasure of this album. Pt. Mahapurush Mishra joined the artists as an accompanist in tabla.


His voice to a western listener, would be a baritone, but its tonal depth and richness are in full bloom in the middle & specially lower octaves. The aalap or prelude which is possibly the most important part of our music has almost totally migrated from vocal to instrumental music. Kumarprasad is one of the few Khayal singers who presents a full scale aalap in all its expansive grandeur and illuminating details. His presentation reminds listeners that a raga is not merely a permutation & combination of particular notes. There are definite phrases, sequences and in fact a difinite logic which governs the application of notes that can tug at the heart strings of a raga to make it come alive.

As a musicologist and a musician Kumar Prasad Mukherjee has few equals in the country. 


Vishnu Govind Jog, better known as V. G. Jog (22 Fehruary 1922 – 31 January 2004),was an Indian violinist. He was the foremost exponent of the violin in the Hindustani music tradition in the 20th century, and is credited for introducing this instrument into Hindustani music.

Jog was a disciple of Baba Allauddin Khan. He performed and recorded with many of the greatest Hindustani musicians of the 20th century (including Bismillah Khan) and toured the world. He frequently performed for All India Radio's Calcutta division. He received thePadma Bhushan award in 1982.

He earned a master's degree in music from Bhatkhande College of Hindustani Music in Lucknow in 1944 and went on to teach there. He also taught at the Ali Akbar College of Music.

Beginning in 1999, he suffered from Parkinson's disease, and also suffered from respiratory problems in his later years.

Pandit Vishnu Govind Jog, whose name is almost synonymous with the violin genre in Hindustani classical music, is a performer with the unique distinction of having occupied the top rungs of the Classical Musicians' hierarchy with three consecutive generations of performers. His career as a highly active and successful performer has spanned almost five decades. Born in Bombay in 1921 (or 22 according to some), he received his early training from S. C. Athavale and the late Ganpat Rao Purohit. Subsequently, he had his training from Vishweswar Shastry, the renowned musician and musicologist Dr. S. N. Ratanjarkar, and for a short time from the celebrated Ustad Allauddin Khan.

Groomed in the Gwalior, Agra and Bakhle styles, Pandit Jog's virtuosity, mastery of ragas and an uncanny realisation of space and time in the construction and knowledge of rhythm are his hallmarks. At a very young age, he rubbed shoulders with all time greats at the Bhatkhande College of Music, Lucknow, in the 1930s—the first great attempt at institutionalizing traditional music instruction.

An unassuming person of infinite charm, he is also regarded as an incomparable accompanist. His duets with Ustad Bismillah Khan have met with spectacular successes in India and abroad. He is gifted with the remarkable ability to sense the pulse and mood of his audiences, and has toured extensively both in India and abroad, significantly in East Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, France, the United States, and West Germany. In 1985, he performed to great acclaim under the auspices of the Festival of India in the United States.

Pandit Jog was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1982. After prolonged illness Pandit Jog died on Jan 31, 2004 in South Calcutta.

Raga Bihag  - Alap , Khayal (Teental)
Raga Meghmalhar - Alap , Khayal (Jhaptal)
Raga Jaldhar Kedar  - Khayal (Teental)
Raga Kedar   - Khayal (Drut Ektaal)

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