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Durbadol Chatterjee

Durbadol Chatterjee is a famous violin player and eminent Music Arranger.
Durbadol Chatterjee has played regularly with legends such as Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar and a host of similar luminaries in the musical world. He added the accordion playing as an extra feather in his cap. He joined the All India Radio in 1973 and continued there until 1990. During this time, he carried on working in films like “Thogini”, composing music for records and CDs from 1980. Through the assignments of Bengal Foundation, all artists of Bangladesh, songs of Nazrul, Tagore, Folk, Ghazal genre- he has put together with outstanding music arrangement. Almost every rising Bangladeshi artist aspires to have a CD with the music composed by Durbadol Chatterjee. It's because of his musical talent, keen observation on music over the years. His good attitude, methodical style, musical ears renders his valuable position in the music industry.

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Album Rasan Geet - Music Arranged by Durbadal Chatterjee
Album Anjali- A devotional album-music arranged by Durbadal Chatterjee
Album - Nimer Dotara - a collection of folk songs of Bangladesh. Music arranged by Durbadal Chatterjee
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