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Sarode Player, Music Composer-Arranger, Researcher and Instrument Designer.
Prattyush Banerjee has been under the Talim of Sarod Maestro Buddhadev Das Gupta, He is nowadays a consistent guest at the major music festivals of India. In accordance to his school of music, the Shahjahanpur Gharana, Prattyush Banerjee plays an exclusive Sarod with five melody strings. In addition to the Sarod, Prattyush Banerjee studied vocal music and tabla and took piano lessons. He is the first instrumentalist who plays tappas (a very skill-oriented form of semi-classical Indian music) on the Sarod and is well versed in Western Classical music.The elegance of the compository-improvisatory diversification of Classical Northern Indian Ragas is mastered by Prattyush Banerjee in the same efficiency as the rich palette of dynamic differentiation, which cannot be found that easily among Indian musical interpreters.

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Jal me Kumbh Kumbh Mey Jal Hai - vocal recital by B. chakraborty-music arranged by Prattyush Banerjee
Raga Mian-Ki-Malhar Drut played by Prattyush Banerjee
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